Presentations 2016

Research Methodology Workshop

Session 1 (Intermediate Level):

Session 2 (Advanced Level):

Session 3:

Session 4: 

Key Note Presentation:

Research Focus Social Media:

  • Means of Social Media Communication by Tourist Information Centres: Vilnius Tourist Information Centre case study by Dovile Jankauskaite, Lithuania

Research Focus Destination I:

Research Focus Consumer Behavior:

  • The Influence of Temperature on Customer Satisfaction and Consumer Behaviour in a Macau Up-scale Restaurant by Yuan Pan, Macao
  • Optimistic Bias in Promotion Perception by Raul Monteiro, Macao

Research Focus Social Mobile:

Research Focus Destination II:

Research Focus Experience:

Research Focus ICT & Reviews:

  • Analysis and Comparison of Hotel Reviews on TripAdvisor and with the Example of Comfort Hotels in Downtown Toronto by Claudia Vicario Cañas, Spain
  • Digital Divide in Tourism: Differences among Generation X and Y towards online travel reviews writing by Chiara Dalponte, Anna Zsófia Höfler and Alice Bekk, Austria
  • The Impact of ICT on Tourism Businesses in Cameroon: How innovators outpace Laggards by Mphoweh Jude Nzembayie, Cameroon

Research Focus Destination Analysis:

  • Barrier-Free Events: Requirements and Practices by Miriam Broseghini and Serena Volo, Italy

Research Focus Sharing Economy: