Research Workshops

The research methodology workshops take place on the 13th of May 2019, from 13:30 to 17:00. There are 4 workshops held in 2 parallel tracks.

The research methodology workshops aim to provide active students and anyone interested in research in-depth knowledge into innovative research designs and methods.

The programme for the research methodology workshops will be available soon!


These were the last ISCONTOUR’s research workshops:

Workshop 1: 
Instruments for Measuring Economic Impact in Tourism
(Alina Schoenberg, IMC University of Applied Sciences, Austria)

Workshop 2:
How to Determine How Much a Consumer Is Willing to Pay?
(Dan MacCole, Michigan State University, USA)

Workshop 3:
Observation Methods for Tourism Research
(Claus Ebster, University of Vienna, Austria)

Workshop 4:
Of Categories, Items, and Scales: The Dos and Don’ts in Questionnaire Development
(Nils Mevenkamp, MCI Innsbruck, Austria)

Alina Schoenberg

Alina Schoenberg, IMC University of Applied Sciences
Workshop 1: Instruments for Measuring Economic Impact in Tourism 

Alina Schoenberg is a professor for economics at the University of Applied Sciences Krems since 2016. She received her degree in economics from the Ludwig Maximilians University and obtained her PhD degree at the Bundeswehr University in Munich. Her primary research interests focus on public finance/economics and regional science.

Dan McCole, Michigan State University
Workshop 2: How to Determine How Much a Consumer Is Willing to Pay?

Dan McCole is an associate professor in the Department of Community Sustainability at Michigan State University in the USA. He holds an MBA from MSU and a Ph.D. from University of Minnesota. Dan has been a tourism researcher for more than 15 years and has also conducted several experiments on survey research methods. His research, teaching and outreach focus primarily on tourism and its role in helping communities better sustain their economies and natural resources, while promoting the quality of life of residents and visitors. In addition to tourism he teaches university courses on entrepreneurship and research methods. Dan has given over 100 talks and presentations at conferences and meetings around the world on issues related to tourism and research methods.

Claus Ebster, University of Vienna
Workshop 3: Observation Methods for Tourism Research

Claus Ebster is an associate professor of marketing and business administration at the University of Vienna and president of Market Mentor, a consulting company specializing in marketing strategy, consumer research and store design. Additionally, he is a lecturer at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems. As a researcher, Claus Ebster has focused on studies related to store design, environmental psychology, merchandising and sales techniques, which he has published in international academic marketing journals. As an educator, he has for over a decade taught courses in store design, consumer behavior, marketing research and marketing strategy. 

Nils Mevenkamp, MCI Innsbruck
Workshop 4: Of Categories, Items, and Scales: The Dos and Don’ts in Questionnaire Development

Nils Mevenkamp is professor of statistics and empirical social research at MCI Management Center Innsbruck since 2009. His teaching expertise covers statistics & data analysis, empirical social research, mixed and participatory methods, philosophy of science, and demographics. He studied human and economic geography at University of Bremen and did his doctor’s degree in the field of applied spatial analysis. At present, his research focuses on effects of digitalization on the learning environments in public schools.