Presentations 2017

Research Focus: Experience

Experiential Marketing in Service – Svenja König

Service with a Smile – John Ka Po

Pictures with a meaning – Magdalena Patz, Sabine Sarlay, Sandra Hettegger, Elisabeth Puschan, Johanna Röck

Research Focus: AR & VR

Virtual Reality – Julia Beck

Research Focus: Consumer Behaviour

Drink Love Pay – Shi Yue Why do people buy luxury product – Yinyi Huang

Comparing the Motivational Difference between Visitors‘ and Residents‘ Festival Attendance – Ceci Ng

The Overseas Summer Internship – Xiao Hu

Research Focus: ICT

Promoting cooperation – Hannes Thees

The Effects of Online Customers‘ Reviews to Tourists‘ Attitudes and Intentions of Festival – Chi Ian Ma

Difference of comments perception between men and women on destination picture promoted on Facebook – Irisha Pak

Study of Visitors‘ Perception of a Beacon-based Museum Guide – Maria Maslova, Volha Famina, Mamdou Faye, Abdul Karim El-Najar, Samir Shrestha

The Design Factors Influence the Perceived Quality of Hotel Website- Winnie SIn

Research Focus: Destination

Boiling Summers – Marcella Manzl

Research Focus: Management & Marketing

Exploring Green Hotels‘ Communication and Environment Education Methods and Guest Involvement in Macau – Jing Li

Front Office and Food & Beverage Employees‘ Optimistic Bias on Promotion Perception and Its Negative Association with Turnover Intention – Maria Joela Ison

Research Methodology Workshop

Valentini Kalargyrou:
The Art of Research Design