About the Venue


Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria


FH Salzburg offers its 2,700 students in the four disciplines of engineering, social and economic sciences, design, media & art and health sciences the best academic education with a high level of practical relevance. With a focus on innovation in research and teaching as well as international orientation, FH Salzburg is the initiator of sustainable solutions for the economy and society; especially in the dynamic fields of technology, health and media. The study programs of FH Salzburg are located at Campus Urstein, Campus Kuchl and at the University Hospital Salzburg (SALK). Teachers and students think, research and work multidisciplinary in an open campus culture.

There is a positive „entrepreneurial spirit“ that inspires start-ups, encourages and forgives mistakes, because that is the basis for innovation and progress. With this orientation, FH Salzburg actively contributes to the development of a positive future. The graduates of FH Salzburg are in great demand. Their excellent training prepares them well for the future challenges of the labor market.

Practical education and applied research

Common to all 28 programs is the application-oriented education and research of the university, which maintains excellent contacts with the regional economy and public institutions. Due to the close cooperation with the practice and the constant innovative adaptation of the study content to the requirements of the job market, the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg with its wide range of courses offers an attractive, forward-looking education with good career prospects. In addition, semester abroad and internships provide students with important intercultural experiences.

Well connected

The numerous cooperation partners from business, politics, culture and science as well as the prestigious awards received by students and teachers attest to the efficiency and reputation of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences attaches particular importance to the proximity to its students. The good relationships between students and university teachers are supported by intensive care, small groups and many joint projects. In addition, the university strives to support its students, teachers and employees in other areas of life as well: the certificate „family-friendly university“ and the seal of quality „healthy company“ are proof of this.



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