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Finding the right “fit” for your company: eRecruiter software
Effective recruitment in the era of digital

by Viktoria Distel & Olga Isaeva


Employer branding is becoming increasingly important. No wonder – it is increasingly important to look for the best workforce. But where is the best place to start strengthening the employer brand? On which channels does employer branding make sense?

Today, most HR professionals invest in automated recruitment management systems that combine all the related processes within a single platform, and with the help of such tools, they examine the pool of applicants. The use of such platforms becomes a key factor in the effective work of a recruiter to attract qualified personnel. Thus, the eRecruiter system allows you to publish information on job openings in social networks on job search sites and social networks, collect information on job seekers on social networks and job search sites, store step-by-step information about contacts with applicants and analyze the pool of candidates for selecting the most suitable job seekers. This toolkit provides full transparency of all stages of recruiting and provides mobile and social tools for the work of both the recruiter and the candidate for the position.

eRecruiter is the applicant management software from the punt, one of the largest recruiting companies in Austria. More than 15 years of practical experience and constant further development make this solution unique. Over 150 customers in the DACH region already benefit from this flexible eRecruiting solution, which can be easily adapted to the process of the respective company and intelligently covers the entire recruiting process. Customers like Zara, McDonald’s Austria, or Porsche as well as numerous small and medium-sized companies and start-ups are already using eRecruiter.

eRecruiter covers a wide variety of needs, making it easier for candidates and companies to go through the application process more easily, directly, and efficiently. Namely, it connects applicants who are looking for a job, companies that are looking for the right fit into the company, and intermediaries, such as job searching platforms for example. Like Linkedin,, Xing, etc. So eRecruiter meets everyone’s interests in the center and allows them to stay collaborative with each other.

The company publishes its relevant vacancies on the platform, and it becomes available for the people looking for the job. Both the career portal and the job advertisements are created in responsive design, and therefore optimized for mobile devices.

The company by using the platform may see directly all the applicants, and exactly how many people applied to each of the job positions. eRecruiter also lets to classify applicants so the company can target them again at a later date.

Eurest is one of the leading providers, which is using eRecruiter, in the community catering sector, with its core competence in catering to people at work. Innovative nutritional concepts, delicious dishes, unique brand worlds, service quality and a feel-good ambiance – this is how Eurest meets the high standards of contemporary employee catering.

The main reason why Eurest choose eRecriter was that it met all our requirements and we have the possibility to grow with the eRecruiter. eRecruiter was also chosen because the department portal allows us to easily consult internally as our colleagues from the federal states can also view the applications.

Eurest sees eRecruiter as a future trend and it will meet future requirements, the trend in recruiting continues to develop strongly in the direction of innovative and digital analysis tools for personnel selection. We are sure that the eRecruiter will meet these requirements, as we have had positive experiences so far when it comes to establishing new tools.

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