With the desire to provide our students a financial buffer relating their research projects we would like to invite companies to become a part of our sponsorship program. Sponsors could drive the success of our students and the research they are conducting regarding the eTourism industry.

A sponsorship will support our students financially, enabling them to conduct a broader research and visit conferences concerning their research field. Our students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in their research area and by doing so increasing the value of their study.

For our sponsors ‘eTourism Students’ we assure:

  • Access and the opportunity to interact with high achieving undergraduate and graduate students; and
  • Provide our sponsors with the opportunity to learn about innovative research about the latest eTourism topics.

Our sponsorship program solely concentrates on an independent support by the sponsor. It is of importance to us that the students is left a free choice regarding the research topic and will remain unrestricted in their research field during the sponsorship period.

The support of our undergraduate and graduate students with a sponsorship assists us to take care of our very best students, provide them with more research opportunities and foster a supportive and stimulating environment for their intellectual and professional growth.

To learn more about how your company can engage in our ‘eTourism Students’ sponsorship program, please contact


Prof. (FH) Dr. Roman Egger
Urstein Süd 1
A-5412 Puch Urstein


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