eTourism Solutions presented by IMT-Students: adAlte

by: Elza Kaiumova & Carolina Nieto

Why companies would like to use adAlte as their friendly and easier tech solution?

The main aim of this post is to analyze adAlte as a possible solution for the tourism industry. Taking a closer look, we try to examine its contribution within the industry and the company’s future challenges.

Technological advances have changed the way the tourism industry is interacting. Today, companies are looking for technologies to engage with customers at every stage of their requirements.


Moreover, tourism companies seek an optimized product or service which can be integrated and customized to their needs.

What is adAlte?

When travel agencies, DMC, Tour operators or service providers seek a tech solution that can improve their daily operations within the market, they might find adAlte as a web-based platform with support on cloud AWS technology. Two categories are the main assets of the company:

  1. Front-desk and back-office software the perfect combination to integrate directly and easily tools and features such as travel management system, reservation system, supplier’s database, groups management and hotel mapping, and,
  2. A B2B travel HUB as an opportunity for adAlte customers to be a “Buyer” or “Provider”, it is a place where they can share their knowledge of the market and expertise with each other.

And what does it mean? On one hand, the buyer offers the best possible online travel service catalog, a mix of products provided by global wholesalers and local DMC which are customized in terms of markups, locations, and services published. On the other hand, the provider will be promoted to Travel Hub Buyers Partners. (Adalte,2020).

One could say that this solution is similar to a transaction on the financial market, but in this case, they are not negotiating with currencies, instead, they use terms related to tourism. They are offering a B2B Marketplace as a community of professional local experts who offer their inventory online and they also provide the customers interested in these products and services.

It is amazing, how this company can be a “wall street” but for tourism. They can play a vital role as the intermediary between providers and buyers. Now, coming back to the main question why adAlte? This company offers exclusive access and use through AWS marketplace. Besides, Adalte is a development system that brings on the table a front-end and back-office software to improve business functions and sales using tools for project management, front office, marketing, operating reports and online sales. (Adalte,2020)

AdAlte also lets the customers hold a critical mass of expertise relating to their social and economic conditions, particularly, during the COVID-19 Crisis, a time when the tourism industry has been affected tremendously.

It is relevant to mention that this company, the same as others has strengths and weaknesses. The strengths are based on the efficiency, authenticity, security and suitability of its products and services such as online booking websites, B2B or B2C websites and travel software for the operational activities. This company offers its customers a hundred percent of personalized and customized results run on AWS-connectivity.

However, the market offers thousands of different solutions for the tourism industry with similar options, more experience in the market and well-known clients. Move on to the weaknesses one has to mention some of the biggest weaknesses for the company, currently:

  1. Small worker base, that limits the amount of interaction and has to coordinate work dozens of companies around the world.
  1. The complexity of use, that may appear intimidating to new and untrained users.
  1. Limited channels of marketing, which can hinder the growth of the company and its recognition factor. Furthermore, a tremendous amount of advertisement and publicity is necessary if one wants to succeed all around the world simultaneously
  1. The homepage and social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn generate uncertainty about its products and services themselves.
  1. The lack of relevant marketing and expertise in the market.
  1. The lack of information from the customers related to their satisfaction with the company and its services.

Finally, one has to mention the main challenges of the company:

  1. Large competition, that contains competitors which are much more recognizable and grow even faster than adAlte.
  2. The fast development of new technologies in the new millennium of globalization. New solutions can come up to the market and push the platform out of the market.
  3. COVID-19 crisis made all the tourism industry suffer a lot and adAlte is among those companies. The main challenge is to learn how to quickly identify, quickly and correctly adapt to the situation.

To come to an end, it is difficult to conclude on a positive or a negative note. The contribution for the industry can be an innovative and unique travel hub with the aim to involve all the tourism companies around the world as a whole and unique community. However, this goal is ambitious when this company has only eleven employees in three offices. Moreover, if one considers the statistics of the market size of the global travel industry in only 2019 can observe a market size of 644 billion U.S. dollars. (, 2020). That means, each and every day new ideas and competitors enter the market. To succeed one has to focus on a particular field or strategy and stay innovative at the same time.


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