eTourism Solutions presented by IMT-Students: Polycular

“Mom, is this the place where games come from?”

by: Leonie Hergesell & Barbara Prodinger

Great software developers leave Austria to work in design studios in the United States, France or Canada. This movement encouraged Robert Praxmarer and Thomas Layer-Wagner to found Polycular. The company is known as an interactive design and technology studio where creative technological innovations facilitate experiences in the real and virtual world. We raised the questions, why companies engage in Gamification, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality and how gamifying tourism can lead to greater customer experience.


This blog entry seeks to answer these questions in an adequate manner. The in Hallein based Startup provides each client with a tailored solution. A four-step strategy with a clear value proposition builds the base of a successful result. The essential steps, that each product goes through are: Ideation and Strategy, User Experience, Concept and Design, Technology and Development and Launch and Distribution. The highly customized games and apps trigger rewarding interactions, raise the brand awareness, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to the destination or company. Through empathy, dramaturgy and storytelling, the eTourism solution satisfies and surpasses the customer’s needs and expectations.

The current technological innovations will not only enhance the customer experience. Training in sales, negotiation, conflict resolution and leadership communication can be brought to a new level, through emotional responsive avatars and the development of touchable holographic technologies.

So, this is not only the place where games come from. This is the place where technological innovations are born and raised.

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